Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Very versatile

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Posted by dmcmd on 07-03-11

" I ordered these recently in both styles & with the two sets had enough to share with my Mom & sister in various styles. They are easy to use follow the instructions. They work very well as flexible cooler packs. But I find where they are the best use is for injuries. Right after i got these, my Mother suffered a severe shoulder injury & initially told to ice it...worked great very flexible to wrap the shoulder. Now that she is using it more & the swelling is down she finds that after significant use heating in the microwave really helps soothe the sore shoulder. If you go to thermafreezes website they say I believe heating for 15-20 seconds on high, but we found 30-45 seconds better...probably depends on strength of microwave. These are very versatile affordable ice/heat sheets. You will not regret purchasing these!!! "

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