Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Luv, Luv, Luv

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Posted by Kellmar on 08-19-11

" I love these as they wrap around items and are so versitile. I am an RN and used mine for something different then advertized. I had arthroscopy knee surgery yesterday and the disposable ice pack used in the hospital leaked all over me right after they applied it. I came home took one of the three large sized Thermafreeze I keep in my freezer out, wrapped it around my knee, and applied a velcro knee support around it to hold it place. It worked like a dream and I could walk with it on. I traded it out every 4 hours with one of the others in my freezer. For anyone needing an ice pack post operatively for a knee, shoulder etc., I would highly recommned this item. My doctor was happy too as often due to problems keeping ice packs in place, patients do not keep ice on as instructed. P. S. I also use it to keep items cold in my lunch, at picnics, and family reunions. "

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