Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Handy Lil' Things! Great Value! Super Set! Plaid!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Posted by mommytwins on 08-10-11

" Was pumped when I saw how pretty the PLAID was to go w/my new Sachi item # K28523 (striped orange set)! These are great! They will go a long way too! I've only had to use two sheets so far and they can be cut but not sure I will do that (yet). Easy to store, doesnt take up alot of room, easy to freeze (wet in water a bit till swollen then wipe dry and put in freezer! voila'!)
These babies did pleasantly surprise me, I've had any and all kinds of ice packs (blue boxes and you name them I've had them and nothing wrong with them ..they all serve a purpose..some sweat/condensate etc more then others..its a preference! These barely condensated if at all!! They take barely any room up and slide easily even in my own purse for my water bottle! While at the beach I used my Sachi smaller lunch tote as what turned out as my "purse"!!! I was SO happy I could walk the boards even in the hot evenings and for hours just running and on the go and slide 1-2 of these babies (sheets) into the lunch tote. I was thrilled to come back, forget to take them out to wake up and the sheets were still "cool" to the touch. Pattern is fun and these are going to really be at arms reach no matter the season because they are just so simple and fun and *work*!! I didnt think they would work for as long as they did for this is why I am thrilled with my purchase! Would make a great gift or an addition to a gift you buy someone that relates to it.
On the way home from the week stay at the beach...I had a large ziplock bag filled with mine and the entire familys' medicines in there as well as vitamins etc etc....these are great for that as well and again barely any sweat if at all. LOVE THEM!!
Can you come out with some MORE COLORS & PATTERNS!!!?? THE PLAID IS SO FUN!:))) (the polka dots are just "ok") ...maybe even the same pattern as the PLAID but just switch up some colors in it?? But do love this one!!! This is a keeper thank you QVC!:)) Im confidant in purchasing again and/or for gifts in addition to something else with it:))
Would recommend for anyone who is like myself that is always worried about staying cool or your water/food/meds etc. while on the go ..or...away:)) And the plus side too is not only are they fun to look at as work great....THEY DO NOT WEIGH ALOT!!! yayy!! "

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